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Dr Norman Rosenthal, the psychiatrist who first began researching the winter blues, is a firm believer of transcendental meditation as a means of treating the condition. Studies have suggested that by.

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It’s 30 years since the term seasonal affective disorder (SAD) was first used to describe winter depression. Is it overused today? In 1984 psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal first used. Many turned out.

Winter Blues: Seasonal Affective Disorder: What It Is and How to Overcome It by Norman E. Rosenthal.. winter blues seasonal affective disorder What It Is and How to Overcome It Author: Norman E. Rosenthal. Black and white illustrations. – Completely updating and expanding his immensely popular guide, Norman E. Rosenthal has written a.

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SAD, as it’s commonly known, is a concept that entered the mental health lexicon in 1984, when a National Institutes of health researcher named Norman Rosenthal posited that. the "folk psychology".

the winter blues. What it is. Those suffering from the winter blues fall into . a depressed mood each year in the fall and continue to feel depressed throughout the winter and into the early spring, when these feelings disappear. The winter blues and its more severe counterpart, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), affects about four times as.

 · Norman E Rosenthal.. Pile the stress on to someone with the winter blues (longer work hours, tighter deadlines, a poor performance rating) and – hey presto! – the winter blues.

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In his 2005 book, Winter Blues, Rosenthal describes the problem and its ties to the lack of sunlight. "The summer person is energetic, cheerful and productive," he writes. "But the winter person has.

 · A more subsyndromal version is known as S-SAD, simply called winter blues (Melrose). The exact causes of SAD are yet to be found. However, in an overview of the disorder completed at Athabasca University, possible symptoms are explained. During the winter, the amount of sunlight decreases as the days are shorter.

A 1981 article in the Washington Post described a patient who was “almost dysfunctional in the winter, with both her mood and her energy levels at low levels.” It added that Norman Rosenthal.