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A lack of light dims moods as well. The National Institute of mental health (nimh) defines the cycle of winter moods as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Symptoms can range from mild "winter blues".

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In the midst of a cold, gray winter, with daylight ending before 5 o’clock, its no wonder that many of us feel tired and have little energy. However, if you find yourself thinking, I just don’t feel like myself, then it’s time for you to take action. But before you do, see if any of the symptoms below, fit with how you are feeling.

Fall and winter SAD. Symptoms specific to winter-onset SAD, sometimes called winter depression, may include: Oversleeping; Appetite changes, especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates; weight gain; Tiredness or low energy; Spring and summer SAD

winter blues monday  · "Blue Monday" may be a myth but if you are feeling a little down, here are a few simple things you can do to change that.. 5 ways to beat the winter blues and stay happy beyond Blue Monday.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Are you sick of all the bad weather? More is on the way, and it could be impacting your health. Welcome to the winter blues – cold, ugly, dark days. They’ve seemed endless, and.

EASTON – Admit it, winters are tough. Cold, gloomy and if you live in the mid-Atlantic, very rainy. Many people experience increased symptoms of sadness, depression, loneliness and inertia. You know.

Winter months can be hard for many people. With very little sunshine, many hours of darkness, and bone-chilling temperatures, it is easy to succumb to the blues and to feel depressed. or unscented.

People with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or the clinical version of the winter blues, aren’t the only ones who struggle with the shorter days, colder weather, and the general blah of the.

An estimated 5 percent of Americans experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) a type of depression that sets in during the shorter days of fall and winter and lasts until spring. SAD is triggered by the reduced number of daylight hours during the winter months, although other factors,

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