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Seasonal depression affects millions of people around the world. The good news is with light therapy and other advanced tech, you can reduce the chances of it happening to you. This infographic from BestHealthDegrees takes a look at S.A.D tech you can rely on to treat your winter blues:Get your infographic featured: submit here

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The winter doldrums aren’t unique to humans – dogs get them too! The cold days and long nights of winter mean less time in the sunlight, which can result in a depression-like syndrome called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for both humans and their canine companions .

Keep your four-legged friend warm this winter in the Cable Knit Dog Sweater. Stylish and cozy, this DIY dog sweater is great for doggy play dates, strolls through the park, burying bones in the backyard, and catching some Z’s on the couch. Put the Cable Knit Dog Sweater and.

To keep warm this winter, the K-9 named Jary was given dog boots, small rubber boots with traction pads. As you can see in this video, he wasn’t immediately sure how to walk in his new shoes.

Best Dog Shoes and Winter Dog Boots Dog Shoe and Dog Boot review: saltsox urban Booties Winter Dog Boots . Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review.However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences.

winter blues term Call it the winter blues or blahs or simply seasonal sadness. Whatever term you use, around this time, many of us start to feel our mood sinking. We feel especially tired and sluggish. We to beat the winter blues These should have lasted for at least two years with no particular non-seasonal episodes. A few tips to beat the winter blues: 1. Soak up the sun: Winter can be a tough time to get some sunshine..

 · We can all get a case of the winter blues or holiday stress at this time of year and our pets can feel it too. If you want to do something extra for your pets this holiday season and start them off on the right paw for the new year, here are some great foods to try.

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Those who suffer from SAD during the dark days of winter feel as bleak as the chilly landscape around them. But don’t lose hope during those frigid winter months: here are five ways to beat those.

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