5 foods to beat the winter blues

5 Ways to Beat the Cold on Winter Hikes When winter arrives in Alabama, hiking and backpacking just get better. On high mountain trails, the bare trees allow you to see for miles, and the cold, clear air creates perfect conditions for brilliant sunsets.

These are all sure signs that winter is here. Don’t let the weather get you down. Add these five popular comfort foods to your menu this winter to beat the blues and make it through to spring. 1. hearty Chicken Noodle Soup. Chicken noodle soup is the ultimate feel-good comfort food, especially when you’re nursing a cold or flu.

 · / Beat your winter blues with these easy food tips. Beat your winter blues with these easy food tips. November 24, 2014 by ohmydish Leave a Comment. Summer is over, the holidays are behind us. The time has come to settle in for darker days.. We’ll show you 5 great food tips you can use to prevent winter blues. photo credit:.

SANFORD – This year’s Annual Beat the Winter Blues event was held from 6 to 7:30. Families were not only entertained by Fogg but there were activities sponsored by the 5,2,1,0 program, the Family.

yoga to beat the winter blues  · This is a 10 minute vinyasa yoga flow routine to help you beat winter blues. This yoga sequence will give you an energy boost, lift your spirits, and make you happy!

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 · Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a reaction to the shorter days during the winter months and affects 5 percent of Americans. Follow these tips to feel better.

That’s how most people feel about hiking in the winter. With all the rain. This Sequim location is a slightly more sheltered beachcombing experience. The narrow 5-mile strip of beach extends like a.

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5 Foods to Beat the Winter Blues. Kelli Korducki. Stock your pantry with foods that will boost your mood and immunity on the coldest months of the year. 1 / 6. Eat to beat the blues. Winter and great health go together like sardines and chocolate ice cream. Or, at least, that’s what many.

Beating Winter’s Woes. If your mood is as cold and dark as your landscape, you’re in good company. But here’s how you can ease that seasonal slump.

Even the most optimistic of us can be left feeling down and depressed in the cold and dark winter months. Thankfully, there are ways to combat the winter blues!